Seiko Presage - Cherry Blossom Enamel


3 Year Canadian Warranty


Long renowned for its Japanese sensibility, the Presage collection now reveals its feminine side in a new series of ladies automatics featuring an enamel dial.

The featured enamel dial is the work of Mitsuru Yokosawa and his team of veteran craftsmen. Yokosawa has been making enamel dials for Seiko for nearly a decade and several Presage watches already feature his craftsmanship. The team’s skill is evident in the beauty, depth and texture of the enamel and the warm, soft sheen of each dial. The secret of the longevity and delicacy of each dial lies in the way that Yokosawa and his team treat each dial individually and adjust the many processes involved to take into account the humidity and other factors. It is truly Japanese craftsmanship at its finest.


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