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Save 10% off orders over $200* Code: SAVE10

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Rios 1931 Watchstrap - Waging - Genuine Certified Organic Leather


Introducing the Rios 1931 Watchstrap, the perfect blend of form and function! This strap is comfortably crafted with certified organic leather that's chrome-free and allergy-friendly, with a natural surface that is vegetable tanned. All materials used in the making of this watchstrap come from species-appropriate animal husbandry and a closed sustainability chain. Each strap is Biokreis, ECARF + IVN certified, so you know you’re getting only the highest quality product.

The edges are made from bent upper leather for an extra touch of luxury. The strap also has fine stitching for durability and a functional seam on the clasp for added security. The signature hand sewn loop features beautiful embossing lines for an exquisite look. Solid stainless steel pin buckle (INOX) provides a reliable fit, while the largely organic antiallergic lining leather guarantees comfort.

Make sure to get your hands on one of these exclusive Rios 1931 Watchstraps before they sell out! With its modern aesthetic, superior craftsmanship and certified organic materials, this unique watchstrap is ideal for anyone who loves fashionably sustainable products.

Certified Organic

  •  Chromium free
  •  Allergy friendly
  •  Vegetable tanning
  •  Natural surface
  •  Species-appropriate animal husbandry
  •  Closed sustainability chain
  •  Leather from recognized organic farms
  •  Controlled by "Lacon" for Biokreis compliance
  •  Leather is Biokreis, ECARF + IVN certified
  • Supple | Honest | Comfortable |
                                        • Seam: Matching stitching
                                        • Length: 114/82 mm
                                        • Thickness: 3.5/3.5 mm
                                        • Tip: Gothic
                                        • Manufacturing type: Remborde/Full-bugg strap
                                        • Edges from bent upper leather
                                        • Fine stitching
                                        • Functional seam on the clasp for more security
                                        • Hand sewn loop
                                        • Embossing line on the loops
                                        • High quality Stainless steel pin buckle (INOX)
                                        • Largely organic antiallergic lining leather