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The Seiko Presage Sharp Edged Series introduces a timepiece in collaboration with Zero Halliburton, a premium quality travel-luggage brand renowned for its durability, reliability and cutting-edge design. Inspired by the brand's next-generation "Pursuit Aluminum Series", the watch incorporates a deep blue color that graces the series' travel wear. The limited edition watch captures the refined artistry and practicality that underpin both series.

Photo of SPB269J1 PRESAGE

Conceived by American Industrialist Erle Halliburton to survive the tough environment of the Midwest oil fields, Zero Halliburton was bred for protection, strength and dependability. Its head-turning design and durable aluminum exterior has made it the preferred choice of discerning travelers for more than 80 years.

Over the course of its history, the brand has been entrusted with such treasures as moon rocks from Apollo 11 mission, the rarest of gemstones and blueprints for some of the world's greatest architecture.
Today, Zero Halliburton is sought after globally by trailblazers who seek travel cases and accessories that combine unpretentious luxury with pragmatic function to secure their own treasures.


Photo of SPB269J1 PRESAGE Dial

The brand's iconic "double-ribbed design" design, which has been applied to Zero Halliburton products since 1946 to enhance robustness and durability, is reproduced on the dial and combined with the traditional Japanese hemp leaf pattern that is a feature of the Sharp Edged Series dial design.

Photo of SPB269J1 PRESAGE

Just as the hairline finish and polished clasp on the surface of the Pursuit Aluminum series create a high-quality presence, the contrast between the delicate hairline finish and the carefully polished surfaces create a three-dimensional effect and comfort on the wrist.

Photo of SPB269J1 / SPB277J1 / SPB271J1  PRESAGE

Inspired by Zero Halliburton's iconic aluminum case, the GMT model incorporates an aluminum bezel with 24-hour markings. In addition, the deep blue color accent of the Pursuit Aluminum series' handles are featured in the limited edition watches.

Photo of SPB269J1 PRESAGE Case back

As a special feature of the collaboration models, the back of the watch is marked with "Limited Edition" and a serial number, while the glass is graced with the Zero Halliburton logo.

* In an actual product, the case back direction might be different from the photograph.

Photo of Zero Halliburton polycarbonate casePhoto of Zero Halliburton polycarbonate case

To commemorate the collaboration, the watch is packaged in a Zero Halliburton polycarbonate case. The box is specially designed with the iconic double-ribbed design of Zero Halliburton.

SEIKO PRESAGE Sharp Edged Series ZERO HALLIBURTON Limited Edition

Photo of SPB269J1 PRESAGE Photo of SPB277J1 PRESAGE Photo of SPB271J1 PRESAGE


[ Caliber 6R64 ]

Limited edition of 2,000



[ Caliber 6R35 ]

Limited edition of 2,000



[ Caliber 6R64 ]

Limited edition of 600


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