Seiko Presage Prestige Line Arita Porcelain Dial Limited Edition

Arita, a small town in Kyushu, the third largest island in the southwest of Japan, came to prominence in the early 17th century when clay suitable for porcelain manufacture was discovered there and its porcelain products soon became highly prized in Japan for the high quality of their artistry.

Seiko Presage’s mechanical movement inherits Seiko’s watchmaking tradition of more than 100 years. Combined with the beauty of the Arita porcelain dial, every aspect of the watch reflects the care and craftsmanship for which Presage is renowned.

To produce the dials involves a multi-stage production process combining skill, patience and artistry. The dials are applied a glaze unique to Arita porcelain, which give them a deep, rich finish.

This limited edition features a special dial that recreates the faint lapis lazuli colors created by a traditional dyeing technique called “ruri zome.” This technique is applied to representative Arita Porcelain works, such as the large tripod dishes from Kyushu decorated with heron designs.
The dial capturing the ruri zome technique’s soft, light tones and shades create a pleasing effect on the wrist.

The porcelain dials are made by an experienced manufacturer in Arita that has been making porcelain since 1830. Hiroyuki Hashiguchi is the master craftsman and he and his colleagues have been developing the dials with the Presage team.


The case back is marked with the letter "LIMITED EDITION" and a serial number between 001/2000 and 2000/2000 as a certificate of limited quantity.

*In an actual product, the case back direction might be different from the photograph.

Seiko Presage Prestige line

Arita Porcelain Dial Limited Edition


[Cal. 6R27]

Limited edition of 2,000