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Seiko Presage - Cocktail Time "Red Brick" Limited Edition


3 Year Canadian Limited Warranty

This timepiece is from the Presage Cocktail Time collection, watches inspired by the Japanese cocktail culture in Tokyo’s sophisticated Ginza area, each named after a specific cocktail.

This particular design is named after ‘The Red Brick’ cocktail and features a modern twist on the classic skeleton style. The rich gradated dial colour is designed to represent the shimmering light on the surface of the cocktail, as it settles on the bar after being carefully mixed.

In Japan, traditionally ‘Nomunication hour’ – a hybrid of nomu (drink) and communication – is after 5pm, when it’s cocktail hour and time to talk things over. The Seiko Presage Cocktail Time collection was inspired by this Japanese tradition of finishing the working day off with a cocktail and a chat – with each timepiece named after drinks mixed by Hisashi Kishi, head bartender and owner of Star Bar in Tokyo’s Ginza area and a past winner of the International Bar Association World Championships.

Seiko Presage: Timeless looks, precise mechanical timekeeping. Minimalistic watch designs with a distinctly Japanese aesthetic.


* In an actual product, the case back direction might be different from the photograph.

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