Seiko Presage - 40MM Cocktail Time Honeycomb with Open Heart

The Ginza district of Tokyo is home to both Seiko and Star Bar, an authentic bar in Ginza.
This model is inspired by the original cocktail created by Mr. Kishi of Star Bar, the “Honeycomb”, which is made with the honey from bees farmed in Ginza.

The original cocktail “Honeycomb” is created by Mr. Kishi of Star Bar. It is made from the honey of the “Ginza Honey Bee Project”, a project to collect honey from beehives in the Ginza district of Tokyo.

The honeycomb pattern

The dial is characterized by the color of this original cocktail, with the honeycomb pattern inspired by the honey from bees in Ginza.


  • 5 bar
  • Mechanical