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Hirsch Watch Bands

The Halifax Watch Company has the widest selection of watch bands that you can find. Each store carries over 1,000 different watch bands in a never-ending variety of styles, sizes, colours and prices. We also carry wide and long selection of many different watch bands.

A big part of any high end watch is the strap, when the strap wears out, we offer a huge selection of high end leather and stainless steel straps perfect for any brand. Offering the largest selection of Hirsch Leather Watch bands, these are the perfect replacement for any Swiss or designer brand.

All Hirsch straps are hand made in Austria for the finest quality.

Gucci Watch Band
Custom Fitted strap? No problem!


We feature the full line of original brand name watch bands, including Hirsch, Speidel, Alpine and Condor; as well as many popular after market replacement watch bands at affordable prices. Including leather, stainless steel, rubber/silicone and Nato styles.


Watch Band Adjustment


Every watch is meant to be worn and feel like an extension of your wrist, and with the proper fitted strap the comfort and style will never be in dispute

Our expert technicians will install and adjust your new watch band at no extra charge or re-size your existing watch for a small fee.


By replacing the strap on your watch, you can refresh the look and style while keeping that favourite piece on your wrist. A high quality leather or stainless steel band will keep the watch that much more comfortable on your wrist as well as keep the style updated for any season.

Stop by and see our fine selection today!

Our business is getting your watch back on your wrist!

Hirsch: Leather Watch Bracelets

HIRSCH committed itself to leather as a material from the very beginning.

HIRSCH is the specialist in the handling of leather. HIRSCH links up with specialists from all over the world in the search for the finest and most innovative materials. Selection is on the basis of the yardstick of the “inspiration” of quality: All of the materials must serve the sensual experience produced by the bracelet.