Seiko Presage Automatic - Green Enamel Limited Edition

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The forest is the landscape at the heart of Japan. The Japanese cedar, which is seen in many forests in Japan, is known to stay green all year round. Based on the idea of recreating the same long-lasting green of the Japanese cedar using long-lasting enamel, Mitsuru Yokosawa, an enamel artisan, has created a new green-colored enamel dial. 

Enjoy the deep, rich color and sheen of the green enamel reflecting the Japanese cedar.

Enamel preserves its beautiful color for a long time.

With dial creation supervised by Mr. Yokosawa, these enamel dials are long lasting and its beautiful color and sheen can be enjoyed for many years to come.

The layout design brings out the green.

The thick metal hour markers are reminiscent of the shape of Japanese cedar leaves. They are not only beautiful, but also provide high legibility.

The green is reminiscent of Japanese cedar leaves.

The new green color produced by the fusion with the sheen of enamel calls to mind the green of the Japanese cedar, which is one of the landscapes at the heart of Japan.


  • 10 bar
  • Mechanical

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